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Sports are a broad category of physical activities with an emphasis on competition and skill. Several different types of games can be considered a sport, including football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. In most cases, sports involve some degree of competition, and players are generally governed by rules. The winners of each event are often declared in sport news. Many spectator sports involve physical exertion from players, and many are broadcast to wider audiences. Sports can be played indoors or outdoors, by individuals or teams.

Aesthetic values shaped the history of many sports, and this aesthetic component still remains in some, but the emphasis on quantitative achievement has replaced it. One interesting transition between Renaissance and modern sports can be seen in the term “measure,” which once connoted an aesthetic sense of balance and proportion but now refers to numerical measurements. As a result, the word “measure” has become a key component of sports research. Sports in the modern world include more competitive games than ever.

The orchestration of emotions in sports begins with the arousal of expectations. These emotions are then channeled into identifiable displays. Elite athletes internalize scripts from their coaches and fans, while coaches and media pundits help manage fans’ emotions. And stage setters prompt fans to express various emotions during the game. This helps to boost the esteem of those involved in the activity. In addition, sports are important for national identity. But some people may not like the concept of sports.