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Sport involves the competitive participation of people in a variety of activities.

Participating in sports helps you stay in shape, learn how to organize your time, boosts friendships and builds relationships with adults. It also teaches you how to treat yourself with respect and discipline to achieve peak performance levels.

It also builds leadership skills through team captainships and individual actions.

It promotes social interaction and encourages positive self-image, as well as helping to reduce depression, anxiety and dementia.

Sport also promotes healthy eating and proper hydration, which are important for a wide range of health problems, from high blood pressure to heart disease.

Unlike other forms of entertainment, sport does not rely on chance or luck to produce winners, and instead relies on skill, training and hard work.

Some sports, such as tennis and volleyball, are played by teams of players; other sports involve competition between individuals. The winner of a game may be the person who completes a course first, or it may be determined by a score, or by a combination of both.

Many sports require the use of specific equipment, including ball, bat, gloves and helmet. Some of these items may be made from special materials or have unique characteristics.

Whether you’re writing about a sporting event or about a specific player, you can include quotes from those who matter most, such as coaches and athletes. This will give your article greater value and make it more interesting to readers.