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Sport is a physical activity that involves skill and physical exertion. It involves competition, social participation, and the coping with highs and lows.

Sports play a major role in national identity. Sports and nationalism are often linked, but this association is not necessarily a positive one. Some see the association of sports with nationalism as xenophobic or chauvinistic.

Sports are as ever-evolving as society. They have been shaped by societal norms, science and technology, and globalization patterns.

During the 20th century, sports underwent a spatial and cultural diffusion. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. This was followed by an international movement to study sports in society. In 1921, German scholar Heinz Risse published his book on the subject, Sociology of Sports.

Since then, a number of universities have begun to offer centers for the study of sports. There are also a number of journals dedicated to the study of sport.

Modern sports have been marketed as symbols of power, prestige, and distinction. As the result of such marketing, they have been played and watched around the world.

Aside from being enjoyable and beneficial, sports can also help develop children’s mental and physical skills. Children learn to withstand disappointment and learn to be resilient. These are important life lessons.

One example of the “feeling” involved in a sport is a postgame victory celebration. When a team’s goal is scored, fans may experience elation and despair.

Another notable feat is the creation of a sports record. This is a measure of an athlete’s performance, and was developed in the late 17th century.