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Throughout the history of mankind, sports have been a powerful social glue. They have been used to represent national identity and to transmit values of fair play, teamwork and justice. Sports have also been a way to maintain physical health.

Some people find their main identity in sports, but others do not. Their participation can impact their lives and relationships, and can even affect their character.

Some people may be involved in sports for many years. Others may stop playing at a later stage in their lives.

Sports are typically governed by a set of rules. These rules ensure that both teams are fair. Some sports involve hundreds of simultaneous participants. These rules can be broken to gain an advantage.

Sports can be physical or artistic, or both. Some sports are based on the values of national identity, such as cricket and tennis. Others are more cosmopolitan, such as basketball and baseball. Some sports focus on quantified achievement, such as boxing and golf.

In the late 17th century, the concept of a sports record appeared in England. Sports record refers to a record of the winner of a particular sporting event. These records are compiled and scored by judges. They can also score objective measures, such as time completion of a course or the “weight” of a participant.

Sports are as ever-changing as society itself. Many universities have instituted centers for research into the sociology of sports. Sports are also used to teach young people to socialize and to practice skills.