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The social and spatial diffusion of sports occurred in the 20th century. For example, African Americans, Australian Aboriginals, and “Cape Coloureds” gained the right to participate in sports. Women began competing in sports dominated by men, and in some cases, the Soviet Union suppressed reformist movements in both countries. This resulted in sports that were considered “masculine” becoming more inclusive. This process helped create a bond between sport and national identity.

The transition from Renaissance to modern sports can be traced to the change in emphasis. The word measure, which once referred to balance and proportion, came to mean numerical measurements. Today, sports have become competitive, with the goal of winning, rather than winning. And while the aesthetic element is still present, it is no longer as prevalent as it was in the past. Sports are a means of maintaining physical and mental health. And they help children learn valuable life skills. Participating in sports helps students learn how to interact with others and work as a team. These skills are crucial for the development of a positive self-esteem, which will later translate into success and happiness in their lives.

In addition to physical fitness, regular participation in sports can help prevent communicable and non-communicable diseases. Furthermore, the social and psychological benefits of sports cannot be overemphasized. Apart from physical fitness, sports also improve social development and improve character. Students who participate in sports are more confident, achieve higher grades and graduate with more confidence. They also develop more skills, and develop strong bones and muscles. They are also more likely to develop positive attitudes and avoid social evils.