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There is no single period in history that can be said to be the beginning of sports. However, we can assume that children have included sports in their play since time immemorial. For example, prehistoric paintings depict hunters pursuing their prey with joyful abandon. It is likely that this tradition developed into a serious sport for ancient civilizations. In the 20th century, judo attracted European adherents and was later included as an Olympic sport.

The degree to which a sport is organized also has an impact on its classification. Usually, sports are governed by rules and customs to ensure fair competition and consistent adjudication of the winner. These rules and customs are generally determined by physical events, but can also be determined by judges. In some cases, judges are allowed to score different elements of a sporting performance, both subjective and objective. The aim is to determine the best sportsperson, who will then be honoured with a trophy.

Playing sports involves a large amount of time and energy, but does not distract student-athletes from their academic work. While sports require memorization and repetition, they also teach valuable skills that are directly applicable to class work. They also teach goal-setting and the ability to work with others as a team. They teach positive body language. And, when played properly, sports can lead to the development of a positive attitude. The goal-oriented nature of sports encourages students to think positively.