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The concept of sports is an old one. In the Middle Ages, people practiced different kinds of games. Today, these games are regulated by a series of rules and customs. They are designed to ensure fair competition and to make adjudication of winners consistent. Winning is determined by the physical events and by judges who score specific elements of the sporting performance. These measures may be objective or subjective, but they all have a common element: competition.

Many athletes display a range of emotions during sporting events. Emotions in sports reflect the athletes’ own assessment of their own performance, as well as their own perceptions of the emotions of others. Some of these emotions can occur before the performance, while others may surface during the event. Certain rules govern athletes’ behavior and emotional states, including behavior during the national anthem and post-game victory celebration. These rules are largely enforced by the sport industry and are designed to protect the rights of athletes.

Modern sports have been influenced by globalization and colonialism. In the early 20th century, Western imperialism reached its peak, and colonized peoples were forced to adopt Western sports. In some countries, they adopted Western sports because of emulation. For example, in Argentina, Anglophiles formed football teams as a result of English influence. In the same way, women were given the right to participate in sports. This process helped shape the modern sporting world.