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Sports are physical activities with a definite goal and purpose. They improve motor skills, help reduce stress and tension and are a good way to stay healthy.

Athletes in sports experience a wide range of emotions, from the ecstasy of victory to the despair of defeat. These feelings are the result of the individual athlete’s evaluation and expectation of their performance, as well as their perception of other athletes’ expectations and evaluations.

The emergence and globalization of modern sports have been closely linked to the development of mass media. Their relationship has developed over time and in parallel, with the growth of both media forms attracting a growing number of paying spectators.

By the 20th century, the mass media had established a significant economic base and became an integral part of the world’s sports culture. At the same time, sports had become a global phenomenon, with a large and increasingly wealthy group of elite athletes.

In addition, sports were often used to represent national identity. In the 19th century, sports such as gymnastics helped promote Slavic nationalism and contributed to the struggle for national liberation from Austrian and Russian rule.

Despite the apparent contradictions of sports and national identity, they have long been an important element in international politics. In this regard, the rise of global sports can be seen as a symptom of the growth of cosmopolitanism and a challenge to nationalist and ethnic defensiveness.