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Sports are activities that involve physical exertion, competition, and social participation. They are also defined by their societal contexts. As a result, they are constantly changing.

There are various types of sports, some of which have survived the test of time, while others have changed dramatically. These include athletics and ball games, which were widespread among ancient civilizations.

The concept of sports record originated in England in the late 17th century. It was derived from the word measure, which once meant a sense of proportion and balance.

In modern times, sports have been marketed as a symbol of prestige, power, and distinction. During the 20th century, the rise of the transnational cosmopolitan culture and a global economy influenced the development of sports.

Today, the world’s largest sporting organizations are located in the West. But sport is increasingly being influenced by global flows, such as the movement of body cultures and identities.

For many nations, sports have become a way to solidify national identity. They use regularly scheduled sports festivals to reinforce their cultural ties. However, they often have difficulty competing on the global stage. This is particularly true of less developed nations, which are unable to allocate large amounts of financial and human resources to athletics.

Several nations, such as Russia, South Korea, and Australia, are core sports regions. While these countries may be contested on the field of play, they are generally able to recruit athletes from surrounding nations.