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Sports are a broad category of activities that involve a lot of human movement, competition, and skill. Although some people do not consider video games a sport, they do involve intense brain activity, fast reflexes, and dexterity in operating a controller. Many of these activities are highly competitive and the players say they are as much athletes as race car drivers. They claim that because they are involved with the use of a machine, the skill required to operate it is similar to that of a race car driver. Some people say that real athleticism can be demonstrated by the ability to ride a tiny bucket at top speeds.

The Renaissance saw the rise of organized sports. Transnational corporations began to market sports to as many people as possible. They also made sports into a source of pride and prestige. Today, people from all over the world participate in various forms of athletics. While these activities are not as traditional as they were centuries ago, they remain important to our society.

The evolution of sports is part of a broader globalization process that reflects the emergence of a world economy, cosmopolitan culture, and various international social movements. The introduction of modern technology has also helped facilitate the globalization of sports.