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Whether it is a game or a contest, sports involve physical activity. Besides keeping a body fit, it also helps develop various skills such as teamwork and leadership. Moreover, it helps in building mental health and character.

Sports are often accompanied by rules, which are designed to ensure fair play. Whether the rules are made up of arbitrary numbers or agreed upon guidelines, they are meant to ensure that both sides have a fair chance of winning.

Besides the physical benefits, sports also teach children important life skills such as leadership and decision making. In addition, they also help youngsters develop positive body language and improve their social skills.

Usually, the rules of the game are established in advance. However, the rules can change as players or organizers find better ways to implement them. Moreover, athletes can break the rules to gain an advantage.

Among the best sports are track and field, gymnastics, and ice hockey. These sports are considered to be the most impressive because they are both physically challenging and fun to watch.

A few other sports include tennis, golf, association football, and volleyball. Some sports are a little more competitive than others. For example, rugby and ice hockey have two sides to them. However, most sports are more of a competitive game than a real competition.

There is no shortage of other sports to play. In addition, there are hundreds of different sports that take place between single competitors.