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While physical activity is essential to healthy living, sports can also contribute to overall health. Sports provide students with valuable lessons in goal-setting, teamwork, and analytical thinking. Students also learn positive attitudes towards life. Sports help students develop the five key components of physical fitness. They can help them learn to balance their time between sports and school, and become more physically active. Here are some benefits of playing sports:

While sport may be a negative word to some, there are many benefits. Many activities are considered a sport if they have rules and competitions. For example, tennis, golf, cheerleading, and dancing are considered sports. The rules are agreed upon before the competition, and they have not been changed extensively in years. Cheating is not allowed in sports because it is against the purpose of the sport. Sports are fun for people to participate in, regardless of skill levels.

In terms of competition, sports involve intense physical activity. Often, sports involve sweating and physical exhaustion. Some involve more than one person, and a team may involve hundreds of competitors. In addition to providing physical fitness, sports provide entertainment and are generally played outside. There are hundreds of different types of sports, from single-player contests to those between teams. Some sports involve a single player, such as football, basketball, and soccer, while others may feature two teams or more.

Sports were popular in ancient Egypt and China, and artifacts indicate that they were played in the area around 2000 BC. Many of the elites of the time enjoyed gymnastics. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt had extensive sports activities, including javelin throwing, wrestling, and high jump. Ancient Persian sports include the Zoorkhaneh martial art, which featured hunters with a sense of abandon. Motorised sports, such as tennis, were only developed in recent centuries.