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Sports are competitive physical activities which aim to improve and develop human performance. Usually they are governed by a set of rules and customs to ensure fair play.

It is also a way of building confidence and self-esteem. Sports offer enjoyment to spectators and players, while teaching them social skills and fostering a sense of community.

Traditionally, sports have been played by children. However, sports have also been incorporated into adult play. This is because sport can be a great way to stay active.

In addition, sport has helped people build their resilience. This is because sports encourage participants to work as a team. When one person loses, the rest of the team can recover their confidence.

During the Renaissance, a number of European elites developed dances and equestrian sport. These were subsequently emulated by northern Europeans. They also adopted the concept of fencing as an art form.

In the late 17th century, the concept of the “sports record” began to emerge. The idea was that the winner was determined by the results of a series of competing events.

In the 20th century, a number of new sports emerged. Some of them became popular internationally, while others underwent spatial diffusion. Today, there are hundreds of sports between single contestants.

A number of different organizations have been formed for the study of sports and society. These include an international group of sociologists, a journal, and many universities with research centres.

Although the term sport has been around for centuries, it still has much to debate. Some experts argue that the definition should be broadened to include all types of physical activity.