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The nature of sports and the way people interact with one another are central to philosophy of sport. While the field is young, it has developed its own central methods and preoccupations. These include the philosophical foundations for game theory, the development of a system of comparable measures in sport, and the role of aesthetics in sports. Throughout history, philosophy of sport has played a significant role in advancing our understanding of various aspects of the human condition, from its development in ancient Greece to the development of modern sports.

In addition to physical benefits, sports provide an environment for the development of social and emotional skills. Oftentimes, students are faced with emotional challenges in life, and sports activities enable them to bond with others through common experiences. They also learn how to accept defeats and successes without letting it affect their self-esteem. In addition, participating in sports helps students develop good self-esteem. This confidence and self-esteem are important factors in later success and happiness.

While the definition of sports has remained largely the same, they have evolved significantly in recent decades. In addition to promoting physical fitness, sport has also been adapted to address social and spatial inequality. In South Africa, for example, women have fought for equal participation in soccer, while African Americans have been successful in winning the race for the 100-metre title. The growth of sport in Africa has led to the participation of many different ethnic groups. There are now more women than ever before competing in games traditionally reserved for men.