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Sport is a form of physical activity, whether organised or informal. It can help improve a person’s physical fitness and mental health. It can also be a source of social contact and competitive competition. Hence, it is important to establish a clear definition of sport. In this article, we will discuss some of the important features of sports.

One of the main characteristics of sports is that they can evoke various emotional responses in spectators. For example, sports fans may feel passionate identification with their own team and hatred for the other team. This can lead to intense disappointment when their idol is injured or elation when their team wins a game. These feelings may be expressed as anger, joy, or sadness.

In competitive sports, participants are graded according to their performance and their physical condition. This is done through rules and specifications. It is important to note that these rules are developed by recognised organisations. These organisations oversee the entire process and delivery of the sport activity, adding a certain amount of formality to the sport. In many cases, judging is subjective, while it may be objective in some cases.

Aside from promoting physical and mental health, sports can also promote self-confidence. It helps students learn how to work together to reach their goals. They are more likely to make healthy choices, such as staying away from smoking and alcohol. In addition to this, it promotes social skills and improves their ability to get along with others. For example, sports can teach students how to interact with people from a range of backgrounds. These skills will help them in other areas of their lives as well.