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The degree to which a particular type of entertainment is considered a sport or activity is often determined by its organization. While some forms of televised entertainment may qualify as sports, the degree of their spectatorship and drawing power can be impacted by their classification. Thus, it is important to have a clear definition of sports in order to be able to describe the sport or activity in question. If you have a question about a particular sport or activity, it will be helpful to consider the following questions:

Emotional aspects of sports include emotions. The intensity of emotions in a sporting event reflects an athlete’s self-evaluation and his perception of the performance of others. Some emotions are anticipatory, while others come later, post-performance. The way athletes react to these feelings is scripted within each sport’s subculture. Some rules govern the way athletes express their emotions, while others guide appropriate behavior during national anthems and victory celebrations.

The international order of sports is based on patterns of human behavior. For example, the Soviet bloc outcompeted its Western counterparts for a while, until major Western nations began establishing state-sponsored athletic programs. In the meantime, poorer nations were unable or unwilling to allocate their scarce economic resources to sports. Thus, they had difficulty competing on the global stage. Fortunately, there are some measures in place to counter the “brawn drain” of athletes from poor nations to richer countries.