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Sports can be fun, rewarding and even improve your health. They offer a healthy way to release pent up energy and boost your mood. Playing sports also improves your skills and helps you deal with emotions.

For a child, playing in a team offers a social circle outside of school. It teaches kids to work together to achieve a common goal, and develops good communication skills.

The biggest benefit of organized sports is its ability to help kids get physical exercise. Association football, for example, provides children with a means to stay healthy and improve social skills.

Another good reason to play a sport is its ability to teach a child to deal with setbacks. Losing is a normal part of growing up. A successful loser learns to bounce back from disappointment, while a poor loser can learn how to cope with his or her negative experiences.

Several forms of sports are governed by rules and customs, which serve to make them fair. Rules may be subject to interpretation by participants or spectators, who might break them in order to gain an advantage.

While the exact definition of a sport is debated, the best known form is the athletic competition between two teams. The results are often judged by judges who score elements of sporting performance.

Other examples include the ice events and track and field. These are great physical feats.

However, no one can really say when sports first started. Various cultures define sports differently. Ancient civilizations, for example, included hunting in their definitions of sport.