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The 20th century saw the diffusion of sports, particularly in the world. Athletes of black African descent, Australian aborigines, and the “Cape Coloureds” in South Africa won the right to participate in sports. Similarly, women started competing in sports previously reserved for men. As a result, the world’s sports scene is a mix of cultures and races. But while many sports have been around for a long time, they have also undergone radical change in recent years.

Sporting is not only an exercise and a fun activity, but it also fosters national pride. It also develops critical thinking processes, and builds character in children. Aside from physical health, sports also develop social, personality, and leadership skills. It enhances self-esteem and encourages positive attitudes, helping young people prepare for life’s challenges. It also strengthens bones and improves stamina. And all of these benefits make sports a worthwhile investment for the nation.

The growth of globalization in sports is a result of a long history of migration and colonization. European and American sports are often the result of migration. However, other cultures have their own sports as well. African and Asian cultures challenge traditional masculine concepts of sport, as do Asian cultures. Even Anglophile Argentines began football teams as a result of English influence. But, despite these global processes, there has been little evidence of the impact of these changes on the sport of their native countries.